Alright, let’s get this show on the road…

Do not expect this blog to make any cohesive sense.  I intend to post as the inspiration takes me, as such I have divided the categories accordingly.

“Literature” will most often be filled with essays concerning stories and books that I am reading/have read, I will most likely be reviewing the story, or commenting on it in general, or even just a portion of a book that I particularly enjoyed/disliked (blogger’s note: I reserve the right to talk about the Twilight books and other objects of scorn and ridicule that have been available for an extended period of time).

“Poems” is pretty self-explanatory, and will most likely become the least-used category of this blog.

“Prose” will consist of writing that I have deemed good enough (or shitty enough) to post online in a medium where other people can read and judge it.

“Remonstrations” will involve more general blog posts, i.e. what I’m doing, what I saw on television, my thoughts on recent political developments, etc.  I expect that this will be the area that most often recieves my attention.

Lastly, “Writing” was an offhand category creation that occured before I thought of the “organizational system” that I just talked about, and as such may or may not be used in the future.

Right, that’s the prologue.  That’s the introduction to my madness.  I hope you enjoy it, I hope you are able to learn something from it, and if nothing else, I hope that you read it, for my ego’s sake.

Aue revoir.