So I guess I haven’t posted anything since 2012. Does that make me the worst blogger ever? Probably not, but still, yeesh.

I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about this blog for a period of about two years. Probably more. I had a lot of shit going on (kids, you’re not allowed to say that word unless you’re only hanging out with your friends, got it?) during that time (including graduating college, falling in love, falling out of love, being unemployed for depressing periods of time, and then being gainfully employed for the longest period of time in my life), I can’t honestly say that things have calmed down, or that I’ll start paying more attention to this blog (I’m a flake, in case you couldn’t tell), but I’m writing this, and throwing general Creative Writing doctrine regarding the use of parentheses to the wind, so that’s a step in a direction.

By the way, in case you didn’t notice, this post will be somewhat Stream of Consciousness (spelled consciousness right on the first try!), I won’t even guarantee that I’ll proofread this before I submit it. Okay, I will, I’m not an animal. Spelling and grammar are the pillars that hold our civilization aloft (parentheses are the weird curvy walls), without them we would be alone in the dark.

The reason that I’m writing this has a lot to do with Quiet Desperation. I’ve been employed since April last year, although I’ve changed employers twice in that time (which I recognize is a blessing these days, and I am grateful), but the more work I’ve been able to get, the less happy I’ve felt. My first job was amazing, but I wanted more. My second job paid better, but sucked my soul out through my feet (concrete floors, don’t ask). Now I’m on my third job, which I’ve been working longer that any other job I’ve ever had. It’s engaging, pays well, and offers amazing opportunities for advancement, but can also be emotionally and physically exhausting. I think a large part of this post is the desire to do something that in no way relates to my current occupation.

This is the dam breaking, and it feels good.

So yeah, here I am. I won’t go so far as to say that I’m back to stay, but I am still here, and now anyone who reads this will know that as well. I’m not the same person that started this blog back in… 2011? Seriously? That’s… four years. This is my fifth post in four… okay. Focusing back…

I’m still here. I’m still alive. I’m writing this for others to read, and so that I can do something I like doing. I hope you’ll indulge me.


Reports of my Death have been Greatly Exaggerated

Yes, contrary to popular belief I am still alive. I have allowed this blog to languish in the intervening months, and I intend to rectify that. I do not promise to update with any regularity, but I do intend to update at all, which will hopefully be viewed as an improvement.

Perhaps you would like to know what I have been doing instead of writing on this blog. That’s a reasonable desire, unfortunately the precise details pertaining to my absence are classified Top Secret, mostly because they’re really, really boring. To sum up the reasons in a single word: school.

So! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me explain why I’ve started turning my attention to this website again. I got published! Technically, it was in a very small magazine distributed by my college. The magazine is called Manastash, and the story is called “Illusions,” I may decide to post a copy of the story in its entirety on this site, but I can make no promises.

Also, I’ve decided that a magazine with an audience of maybe 200 (that’s being kind) isn’t good enough, I would like more people to see my work, I would also like to get paid for it, but that’s starting to ask for a lot. The point is that I am now embarking on an aggressive campaign to actually sell stories or bits of pose to anyone who will buy them. I am planning on starting with, I can’t say when I’m going to submit an article to them, but I’ll let you guys know when I do.

If you’re reading this, I am very grateful, and I hope you will stick with me as I start to actually use this blog and start putting things in the world.

Au revoir


Alright, let’s get this show on the road…

Do not expect this blog to make any cohesive sense.  I intend to post as the inspiration takes me, as such I have divided the categories accordingly.

“Literature” will most often be filled with essays concerning stories and books that I am reading/have read, I will most likely be reviewing the story, or commenting on it in general, or even just a portion of a book that I particularly enjoyed/disliked (blogger’s note: I reserve the right to talk about the Twilight books and other objects of scorn and ridicule that have been available for an extended period of time).

“Poems” is pretty self-explanatory, and will most likely become the least-used category of this blog.

“Prose” will consist of writing that I have deemed good enough (or shitty enough) to post online in a medium where other people can read and judge it.

“Remonstrations” will involve more general blog posts, i.e. what I’m doing, what I saw on television, my thoughts on recent political developments, etc.  I expect that this will be the area that most often recieves my attention.

Lastly, “Writing” was an offhand category creation that occured before I thought of the “organizational system” that I just talked about, and as such may or may not be used in the future.

Right, that’s the prologue.  That’s the introduction to my madness.  I hope you enjoy it, I hope you are able to learn something from it, and if nothing else, I hope that you read it, for my ego’s sake.

Aue revoir.

Greetings, Earthborn,

I have recently awakened in this fleshvessel to assess and study your race and culture in an effort to understand the wildlife of this particular solar system.  In an effort to pass unseen among you, I have adopted an identity and persona that will not draw undue attention.  As such, this is what you may know about me…

As mentioned, I am an English Major with a double minor in Creative Writing and History, at this point, my career plan consists of either writing a bestselling novel, or starving to death in an alley.  At this point in my life, I feel at peace with these possibilities, and I don’t plan to endure the later of the two.

I list among my inspirations Neil Gaiman, Frank Herbert, Kurt Vonnegut, and many others.  At this point, I’m not so much interested in writing the next great novel as I am writing anything.  I’ve been taking steps in that direction, courtesy of some excellent college classes, but so far, I’m not published in any sense of the word.  One of the reasons I started this blog was to create a place that I can put rough drafts of my prose and expose them to people who might be interested in reading them.

That said, I don’t intend to simply make this a place where I just throw pieces of stories and such for people to look at.  I’ll also be posting (when I get the chance) things that interest me, commentary on what I see in the world around me (i.e. News and such), and stories about things that actually happened to me.  In other words, there will be prose, both fictional, nonfictional, and journalistic.

That’s about all I have right now, I’m very new to this scene (obviously) so I don’t expect to gain droves of followers and readers instantly, but I appreciate every reader and everyone who comments.  I have a twitter account and while I recognize that the number of followers I have doesn’t correspond to how sucessful I am as a human being it’s always nice to know that people are out there.  So if you read this blog and find that it wasn’t a complete waste of time, look my up on Twitter at @DillonTrethewey.  I’ll post there when I update this blog, and if I ever have something quick to say (not likely, as this post rounds 400 words), I’ll drop it off there.

Until next time, thanks for reading, and aue revoir.